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Content Creator

I started a lacrosse business out of my parents garage that got pretty big and ran that for a decade of my life. Wearing many hats and carrying the burden of what owning a business is, I learned a lot. Why should you care?

What I enjoyed most was the branding and creative marketing. I believe I can take my experience and help you get real value. I worked with many different employees, agencies that all want to act like they have the secret sauce. Marketing jargon aside, I want to help you make content that tells a story about your business in an engaging way. Social media is a weird world but more eyes on your business is a win.

I have experience with most of the Adobe suite, canva, copy-right-free sites like story blocks. Been dabbling with some of the new Ai generative content.


I want my work to be simple. Create content that is exciting with clear messaging to connect to your audience. I'll work hard to help make that happen.

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